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Since its inception, B`ORZE Inc., America has established itself world wide as an international and highly regarded company in the production of colposcopes. Years of experience helps B`ORZE to meet customers demands as fast as they arise due to digital engineering technology with more flexibility and lower costs. B`ORZE maintain its leading position in technological development and it is result of countless individual steps that are subjected to repeated scrutiny.



B`ORZE Inc., America a technology driven company, is committed to provide innovative solutions to healthcare community that helps to enrich the quality of life.

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Colposcope is a instrument , use in the screening of tissues as well as in cervical cancer screening, known as Colposcopy. Colposcope is discovered by Hinselmann in December of 1924. By the help of colposcope we identify the initial stage of cervical cancer. The device magnified view of cervix,a lower narrow portion of uterus and cylindrical in shape. Colposcope is meteal device used to open the vagina,so cervix can be easily examined .

During the 19th century, colposcope became used more in Germany and Europe than in US. Colposcope has been important tool in the detection ,diagnosisand treatment of human papillomavirus infection in man and woman. Colposcope is a binocular microscope that produce a stereoscopic image at 4 to 40 focal distance of 200mm to 300mm magnification .image is illuminated by strong light source. The colposcope actually remain at focal length distant from the tissue being inspected. The examination is an normal procedure that is performed without anesthesia or analgesic.


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